In art
Other Works
A creative life

This is a session dedicated to other forms of art and
artistic processes conceived by me and / or in collaboration with
other artists. They have often seen me involved not only
an actress. A way to leave a trace of some
important experiences that have helped me open the
door of life and nourish my creative spirit.

The rush murmurs, protests

Freely based on “The Murmuring Rush” by Nina Berberova
Adaptation and direction by Linda Dalisi with Valentina Acca

No Where/Da nessuna parte

of Valentina Acca

Notes for a theatrical look at Tina Modotti

Of Valentina Acca and Bianca Feola 
Published by "Publishing & Entertainment"

I put myself in my shoes

Self-referential and narcissistic tale with Valentina Acca
dramaturgy by Antonio Calone and Valentina Acca from the interpreter's diaries