Notes for a theatrical look at Tina Modotti

Of Valentina Acca and Bianca Feola 
Published by "Publishing & Entertainment"

It was autumn and I went to an exhibition of her: I was struck by the photographic production of Tina Modotti.
I begin to read up on her adventurous and enigmatic life and I talked about it with my mother Bianca. She soon became as passionate as I was about the story of this great artist.

By re-tying the threads of her existence, a monologue was born, set in an unspecified place and moment in which Tina's emotions especially come to life. Memories of her haunt her and she relives herself and the events that marked her life. The order of memories is neither chronological nor strictly biographical but follows the fluctuating trend of a stream of consciousness, alternating and sometimes getting confused with the present. 

Yes, photography is violent. Like sugar.
And steal your soul