I put myself in my shoes

self-referential and narcissistic tale with Valentina Acca
dramaturgy by Antonio Calone and Valentina Acca from the interpreter's diaries

In 2004 Agota Kristof wrote theIlliterate a short autobiographical story.
In a few pages, the author takes her life, looks at it from afar, and with some essential brushstrokes she traces a dry and sharp image. 

Starting from Kristof's text, I nourished my work as an actress with diaries I have written regularly since I was 10 years old. Gradually this "internal" writing took over from the "extraneous" one I proposed to deal with, revealing itself to be more authentic, and ultimately more effective. 

Thus, with the precious collaboration of Antonio Calone , we decided to play with open cards, revealing without artifice the mechanism of the comparison between two writings that refer us to two experiences, two eras, two distant worlds, trying to give body and breath to those sensations which are the material of temporal leaps, of the unspoken, of the connections between glimpses of life very distant in time and which nevertheless settle next to each other when something moves the memory. 

To be in the world, to keep one's identity steadfast, there is a way out:

to write and act.