Valentina Acca

Freedom first of all. In life and in work. When I play I’m creating the territory where I test my freedom.

Who I am

Hi, welcome to my personal website,
conceived as a special archive of my artistic process and the projects in which I participated.
Sono un’attrice italiana, divido la mia attività tra cinema, teatro e tv.
I am also an activist, a Buddhist practitioner and I study martial arts.
I love literature and music, real balms for my soul.
I love animals, especially cats and birds, and for me they are that immense mute people who embody the meekness and beauty of life.
I like walking and writing, dealing with cultures different from mine.
I collect photographs of benches from all over the world. When I am angry or anxious I ride my superfluid double time Brixon250 bike and my thoughts soften.
Non sopporto l’ipocrisia, la disonestà e le lodi a buon mercato. Sono piena di contraddizioni ma con una predisposizione d’animo ottimista. Ho un lieve strabismo di Venere che si vede soprattutto quando sono stanca, un neo al lato dell’occhio sinistro appena sotto il sopracciglio e una voce espressiva e calda.

Many faces

I get excited when the artist struggles to deepen, develop and improve his inner world. When he deals when his growth as a human being, an artist never stops.