Valentina demonstrates since childhood a great passion and predisposition for acting and music. The first experiences on set and on stage start when she was a teenager in Naples, the city where she was born. Her artistic training takes place in Italy and in Europe.

The experiences abroad, the incessant deepening and the spirit of research in the artistic field, make her a multifaceted artist, able to change and remix different styles of acting with freedom of expression and dialectics. An artistic journey that develops as a continuous investigation and that is also composed of scripts of short films and theatrical texts, participations in video clips, musical show and performances.

The Italian public begins to know she thanks to roles in popular television productions such as "La Squadra" and "Nebbie e Delitti", participates in several independent films and the crime television miniseries "Il Commissario De Luca" directed by Antonio Frazzi. In the theater she plays the romantic heroine Donna Elvira in “Don Giovanni” by Moliere and the legendary Rossella O'Hara in the lucky setting "Frankly, I don’t give a damn" directed by Antonio Latella. Thanks to the role of Rossella, Valentina receives the Virginia Reiter award nomination and the UBU prize for best leading actress.

On the big screen back in 2013 playing Alba, tormented and fleeting protagonist of Esterno Sera (Nightfall) by Barbara Rossi Prudente presented at the Rome Film Festival.

After a tour in Europe and Latin America in the role of the young rebel Ninuccia in the show "Natale in casa Cupiello" by Eduardo de Filippo, in 2015 she also played Anna , an absent and dissatisfied mother in "Pericle il nero" directed by Stefano Mordini, also starring Riccardo Scamarcio and Marina Fois. The film is in competition at the Cannes Festival in Un Certain Regard section. She is currently working on the expected international series "My Brilliant Friend", based on the novels of Elena Ferrante, branded HBO / Rai and directed by Saverio Costanzo.