Nightfall is a 2013 film by Barbara Rossi Prudente.
The story tells of a young love between a boy (Fabrizio) and a girl (Alba) who know each other as children, but who ignore their bonds of blood.
Valentina Acca is the protagonist Alba, a lonely girl, restless, who lives on the extreme limit of existence and earns a living running at night blindfolded on the highway. A "border line" to which only Fabrizio's love restores a little serenity. But the attraction between the two becomes a running train and all their world will be overwhelmed.

Border line

The film is set between Caserta, Caiazzo and Naples but could take place anywhere. And the landscapes go from the beauty of the Casertan hills to the "no where" atmosphere of night-time parking lots and motorway junctions. A physical and muscular direction that throws itself headlong into the decadent sensuality of its protagonist.