The rush murmurs, protests

Freely based on “The Murmuring Rush” by Nina Berberova
Adaptation and direction by Linda Dalisi with Valentina Acca

This show was born from the delicate and powerful collaboration with the dramaturg and director by Linda Dalisi and debuted in 2015. At the center of the investigation is the experience of feeling exiled from the life of someone you love.

A reflection on how love has to do with the senseless and the failing, on how saying goodbye to someone we love certainly means saying goodbye to a part of us, and on how learning to rebuild one's identity involves defending one's own freedom and one's own mystery which is also that of the other.

Berberova's extraordinary writing creates an intimate dimension and the protagonist's story unfolds against the backdrop of war.

Valentina Valentina dances on stage with the images created by her own game of balance on the border between present and past, lived memory and invented future, present memory and life disappeared into thin air.
The sketches on stage become a key, an engine, an instrument; like parts of her own body in revolt. The protest begins with the first gesture, the first word, the first murmur of the scene.